Safe-guard Bulk Dewormer (Fenbendazole-1lb)

Safe-guard Bulk Dewormer (Fenbendazole-1lb)


Meal 0.9% Pig Wormer for Effective Swine Deworming.

Controls Six Major Parasites. 


A Fast, Effective and Safe Solution for Deworming Pigs - Kills Swine Parasites in the Gut, Reducing Swine Parasitic Load While Disrupting Worm Life Cycles.


Product Features

  • Simple, 3 day treatment regimen. 
  • Disrupts parasite life cycle by eliminating eggs in feces.
  • No pre-slaughter restrictions simplify treatment planning.
  • Fast, predictable results.

General Information - Pig Worming

The 3 day treatment (pigs) removes and controls six major internal parasites in all growth stages, including weanling pigs, pregnant sows and boars.  


Active Drug Ingredient:  Fenbendazole...0.9% (4.08 g/lb)

Feeding Directions:

Mix or top dress with feed for 3 consecutive days at the rate .53 oz per 100 lbs of bodyweight.