Show-Rite Goat Herd Builder

Show-Rite Goat Herd Builder

ABOUT THE PRODUCTShow-Rite® Herd Builder Goat Grower accelerates growth and development in doe kids, show does, donor does and breeding age bucks. Ideal ration for maintaining body condition and maximizing frame growth in breeding show does and bucks. ACTIVE DRUG INGREDIENT:Monensin…….. 20 G/TONNUTRIENT ANALYSIS*Crude Protein, min	16.5%Calcium	0.7 – 1.2%Phosphorus, min	0.3%Salt	0.6 – 1.1%Acid Detergent Fiber, max	8.0%Crude Fat, min	3.0%Vitamin A, min	16,000 IU/lb.Vitamin D, min	3,500 IU/lb.Vitamin E, min	50 IU/lb.Selinium, min	0.3 ppmCrude Fiber, max	19.0%Copper	15-45 ppm *Includes not more than 1.2% equivalent protein from non-protein nitrogen. INGREDIENT LIST Refer to the product tag for a complete list of ingredients. FEEDING DIRECTIONSFeed Herd Builder Goat Grower R20 as the sole ration. Feed to goats along with a good quality forage and clean, fresh drinking water.CAUTION: Do not allow horses or other equines access to formulations containing Monensin. Ingestion of Monensin by equines has been fatal. Monensin-medicated cattle and goat feeds are safe for use in cattle and goats only. Consumption by unapproved species may result in toxic reactions. Do not exceed the levels of Monensin recommended in the feeding directions as reduced average daily gains may result.WARNING: Do not feed to lactating goats.

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