Show-Rite Milk Replacer

Show-Rite Milk Replacer


ABOUT THE PRODUCT:  Show-Rite® Milk Replacer is a mildly acidified milk replacer to supplement or replace nutrition for young piglets. The product provides a unique combination of milk proteins, minerals, organic trace minerals and supplemental vitamins for optimum piglet performance and palatability and can also be utilized as a fat supplement for show pigs.



FEEDING INSTRUCTIONS: Supplementary feeding – baby pig still with sow: restricted basis . Feed twice a day.


Slop: Mix 1 cup (4 oz.) per 16 oz. water with feed at each feeding.
Top-Dress: Sprinkle 1 cup (4 oz.) dry Show-Rite Milk Replacer on the feed (2) twice/day.


For one gallon of mixed milk replacer: Add and mix 1 lb. (4 cups*, level full) of milk replacer powder to 1 gallon of warm water (120° F.) Feed liquid solution to baby pigs at around 100°F.
*1 level plastic cup enclosed in pail approximately equals 1/4 lb.(4 oz.) of dry milk replacer.

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