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Speckled Sussex Hatching Eggs

Speckled Sussex Hatching Eggs

  • Availability: Standard Chicks & Hatching Eggs
  • APA Classification: English
  • Average Size: 7lbs.- Hens & 9lbs.- Cocks
  • Plumage: A mixture of mahogany, brown and black with white tips. The black often appears shades of blue, green, & purple in the sun.
  • Body Standard: A long, broad, flat back and a rectangular build with clean shanks, medium size single comb, & smooth fitting plumage
  • Durability/Disposition: Hardy, Calm, Talkative, Friendly, Wonderful Pets, Hens will go broody and raise chicks
  • Dual Purpose Bird: Utilized for eggs & meat
  • Egg Production: Medium Tan Eggs- Average 250+ eggs/year
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