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Where it all started...

While visiting my brother and his family we were introduced to my niece's new pet chickens. My daughter instantly fell in love and so we had to get a few ourselves. We built a coop, found 4 birds, and then the dreaded "chicken math phenomenon" struck. Next thing we knew there were 3 coops, an incubator and baby chicks in our bathroom?! We were hooked!


Over the next few years we learned that a chicken is not "just a chicken". There are hundreds of breeds of chickens and each possesses different qualities. Varying sizes, shapes, feathering patterns, temperaments, egg colors etc. make each breed unique. We have personally selected a large variety of poultry breeds to offer our customers based on these varying qualities. We must warn you though... they are like potato chips, you can’t stop at just one! Online ordering and information on each specific breed can be found in our Live Poultry Store.

2024 List of Chicken Breeds-

  • Speckled Sussex

  • Blue Wheaten/Wheaten Ameraucana

  • Blue, Black, Splash, Paint, & White Silkies

  • Blue, Black, Splash & Paint Showgirls

  • Black Copper Marans

  • Blue Copper Marans

  • Splash Copper Marans

  • Crested Cream Legbar

  • F1- F4 & Splash Olive Eggers

  • White Crested Black Bantam Polish

  • Millie Fleur & Golden Neck d' Uccle

  • Silver Birchen Modern Game Bantams

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