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Known for being docile and friendly, Hereford pigs are an excellent addition to any farm. They are a heritage breed that really stands-out in the show ring with their flashy red bodies and signature white face. They are also known as the “Black Angus” of pork, possessing a superior marbleized and flavorful meat.


Reinhardt Mini Ranch has nationally recognized bloodlines, including our 2019 National Hereford Show Grand Champion Boar, "He-Man" and the 2021 Southwest Type Conference Reserve Champion Boar, "Polar Vortex" standing as studs.

Birthing litters in both spring and fall, we offer piglets throughout the year for showing, breeding and feeding out. Reinhardt Mini Ranch is also equipped to collect and ship semen to our customers for them to use in their own breeding programs. Contact us for more information or to inquire on availability!

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