F1 Auto-sexing Olive Egger Hatching Eggs

F1 Auto-sexing Olive Egger Hatching Eggs

  • Availability: Chicks & Hatching Eggs
  • APA Classification: N/A
  • Average Standard Size: 6.5lbs.- Hens & 8lbs.- Cocks
  • Plumage: Golden copper collar on both male & female with the remaining feathering being either black or blue. Male has tones of same color copper & reds through-out back and saddle area.
  • Body Standard: Large bodied, single comb, smooth fitting plumage with copper details…can have Legbar crest and/or feathered shanks, but not always.
  • Durability/Disposition: Hardy, Calm, Docile, Can be aggressive, Hens will go broody and raise chicks
  • Dual Purpose Bird: Utilized for eggs & meat
  • Egg Production: Large olive green eggs- Average 200+ eggs/year

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