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Silver Appleyard Duck Hatching Eggs

Silver Appleyard Duck Hatching Eggs

  • Availability: Straight-Run Ducklings
  • APA Classification: Heavy Duck
  • Average Size: 6 – 8lbs
  • Plumage: The drake has a chestnut red breast, flank, sides, and shoulders with white "frosting and lacing" and a "creamy or silvery white" underside. Drakes' wings are grey and white with a cross-stripe of bright blue. Their tail feathers are a dark bronze colour. The Silver Appleyard hen is whitish with markings in various shades of brown and grey. Her legs are yellow or orange with dark toenails and she, like the drake, also has wings marked with a blue cross-stripe
  • Durability/Disposition: Hardy, Adaptable, Can be Tamed, Friendly, Good Pets, Hens will go broody
  • Meat: Matures fairly slowly and provides well-flavored meat
  • Egg Production: 200-270 large white eggs yearly
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