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What began as a one coop affair with a few chickens for our children has evolved into an actual full-blown breeding business. Reinhardt Mini Ranch is not a hatchery, or factory farm.  We are a family run business and offer several different and unique varieties of poultry, peafowl & pigs. Our ranch is geared to help educate and serve anyone interested in our animals. From a home backyard enthusiast, to 4-h youth and even higher level showman, Reinhardt Mini Ranch has something for every animal lover!


We pride ourselves on making each breed of animal we raise better than what we started with.  We hand select our poultry and Hereford pigs from all over the United States, in hopes of improving and bettering the breed.  Our ultimate goal is exceed the pedigree standards. 

We are very committed to the animals we breed and sell. They are our pets and through our experiences, we have also gained extensive knowledge on all things related to raising them. We are more than happy to share this knowledge and help others get started or improve upon their farm goals. We offer educational clinics to local youth groups and co-ops, donate fair project animals, sponsor trophies/awards, and carry a line of coops and farm accessories that we find to be useful and of quality. Our entire family is so excited to share what we have put together with you!

Specializing in:

Chickens & Waterfowl Bred to APA Standard of Perfection

Registered Heritage Hereford Pigs

Unique & Exotic Peafowl

Registered Purebred Nubian Goats


Located in north central Wisconsin, our ranch is located right off of the freeway in Merrill, WI. Being true country people at heart, we have incorporated that into our buildings. We have utilized recycled steel, milled a lot of our own lumber, and have a rustic theme through-out.


At just over 2K square-feet, our charming little hip-roof barn provides us with the space to have a temperature controlled brooder room, farrowing/nursery pens for our Hereford sows and spacious pens for chicken breeds. We have another "out-building" as well for our peafowl & ducks. Every breed is kept separate year round and we hatch January through August.


It is here that our feathered and 4-legged family call home and we take pride in having a well-kept and fun environment for our customers to visit. Although we do practice certain measures of biosecurity to protect our flock/herd... we welcome visitors by appointment to come see what we have to offer!

Indoor Flock Pens

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