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The Nubian Dairy Goat, known as Anglo-Nubian in its native Britain, originated in the nineteenth century by cross-breeding British goats and large lop-eared goats imported from India, the Middle East, and North Africa .


Nubians come in a vast variety of colors and patterns. Known for their pendulous ears, convex facial profile, and long legs, the Nubian is a dual-purpose goat, reared for both meat and milk. Although they produce less milk than other breeds, it is especially high in butterfat content thus making it highly desirable for making high quality cheeses.

Due to the Nubian's Middle Eastern roots, the breed is handles extreme heat exceptionally well and has a prolonged breeding season. This extended breeding season means that their milk production can continue nearly year round. 

Known for their social , interactive, and vocal personalities, the Nubian loves being around humans and are known to call out for their owners. They are very docile and and are happiest in the company of other goats... they are a herd animal.

At Reinhardt Mini Ranch, we breed Registered Purebred Nubians. Our genetic lines include Goddard Farm, J & M Hideaway, Spots of Sandale, Cadillac, Goldthwaite, & more!

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