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Blue Wheaten/Wheaten Ameraucana

Blue Wheaten/Wheaten Ameraucana

  • Availability: Straight-Run Chicks & Hatching Eggs
  • APA Classification: All Other Standard Breeds
  • Average Size: 5.5lbs.- Hens & 6.5lbs.- Cocks
  • Plumage: Hens have an off-white/cream under coat with golden tones on top. Edges of their wings and tail feathers can have blue/slate or black edging, helping to indicate which color variety they are. Males are either blue, black with green sheen or white bodied depending on color variety. Saddle and neck feathering on all males range from bright gold to crimson red.
  • Body Standard: Upright body with smooth fitting plumage, clean shanks, bearded, muffed, and pea combs
  • Durability/Disposition: Cold Hardy, Calm, Curious, Friendly, Docile
  • Dual Purpose Bird: Utilized primarily for their beautiful blue eggs
  • Egg Production: Large blue eggs- Average 250+ eggs/year
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