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Silver Birchen Modern Game Bantam Hatching Eggs

Silver Birchen Modern Game Bantam Hatching Eggs

  • Availability: Straight-Run Chicks (local pick-up only) & Hatching Eggs
  • APA Classification: Game Bantam
  • Average Size: 20oz.- Hens & 22oz.- Cocks
  • Plumage: Close & hard feather structure, black with green sheen and the Birchen color scheme.
  • Body Standard: Bantam size, tall & slender with a very upright carriage and single mulberry comb. Combs and wattles are required to be dubbed (cut off) of all cocks, and any cockerels being shown after November 1st.
  • Durability/Disposition: Curious, social, can be flighty and arrogant… poor cold weather tolerance.
  • Purpose Bird: Ornamental/Exhibition
  • Egg Production: Small Cream colored, not for egg production.
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